How To Properly Clean A Yoga Studio Floor So That It Doesnt Spread Germs

If you are anything like me then you absolutely look forward to your yoga session and cant wait for it. We all know that yoga is very beneficial to your body and mind. However, when we enter the yoga studio, whats never on our mind is whether or not the floor is clean. When I say clean, I dont mean clean like with a simple mop. I am talking about so clean that you could eat off. Why would the floor need to be clean enough to eat off you might ask?

First of all, do you bring your own mat or do you use the studios? Many people use the studio mat. There is nothing wrong with that, however, there is just one small issue that I have with that. And I mean it, its a very very small issue. Germs. How do you know that the cleaning method used to clean the gym mats actually removed germs? Not just cleaning them for the sake of saying they were cleaned, but actually, germ-free clean. Can you trust that they were, willing to bet your health on someone you have never met and know nothing about? I dont think so.

The second problem has to do with the floor itself. The same questions pertain to the floor. Is it germ-free? Because during your yoga session you are bound to touch the floor a few times. After touching the floor what happens next? You wipe your face and get those germs into your mouth. So what are the solutions? The solution to the first is easy, bring your own mat. As for the second, the best thing to do is wipe down your portion of the floor and a little around where you plan on placing your mat down.

Look, even if the floor was cleaned to pristine germ-free standard, I assure you that someone has already walked over it whether it was with or without shoes. Either way, both carry germs. Dont take chances. What you can do is arrive a few minutes before everyone, bring your own microfiber cloth or buy a compact telescopic Dredge flat microfiber mop that can easily fit into your gym bag. Simply mop the floor using microfiber and a sanitizer. Make sure its microfiber though, you dont want to be using anything else because only microfiber removes germs. Cotton for example only moves germs around.

As stated above, make sure to clean a little over where you predict you might stand. This will give you an added safety zone. I this overkill? I think not, especially in this day and age, we live in.

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