Beard Fashion Facts Guys Need To Know

Guys often see a thick, full beard as the epitome of manliness. It may be youthful darkness or the pale white of age and wisdom, but the message is still the same. You know that the facial hair gives you confidence.

You can see hairy men all over the internet these days. The fashion trends seem to favor the guys who go with a look that’s big and bold.

Then thereâs the fact that over 40% of women say that theyâd never sleep with a guy who sports a beard.

Men do have many choices to decide which style of beard would best fit their personality. There are several styles of beards that would better suit a man’s specific facial structure. Let’s say you are tall and thin with soft features, then a medium-length beard would be perfect for you. Men’s beards can be chosen from a variety of different styles. Here are some of the styles that men can consider which would make them look fashionable.

Square Styles

A circle beard is your best option with this face shape. Guys can also go with a petite goatee or something fuller, while a Royale is an excellent choice if the stubble on your cheeks is super patchy.

Rectangle Styles

If your face has a rectangular shape, then you can still pull off the chin-strap beards of the late 90s. You could also keep the chin stubble-free to do the gunslinger look. Some guys can pull off the mutton chops beard with this option, creating a full beard while the chin stays clean-shaven.

Round Styles

A Balbo beard is an excellent choice with this face shape. It gives you a floating mustache and a full look without the sideburns, or you could sport a short, boxed look with neatly trimmed sides if you prefer. Anchor beards or Van Dykes are also popular selections for guys in this fashion category.

Oval Styles

If you share a face shape with Tom Selleck, then you’ll understand why a mustache makes sense. The original ‘stache or a chevron are both solid choices. If you have white coming in on your beard, a horseshoe can give you a bold look that keeps you looking younger. Heavy stubble is another selection to consider if you don’t mind the extra upkeep.

Beard fashion is about confidence. When you look in the mirror, then you should be proud of what you see. Choosing one of these style options can point you in the right direction. Click here for another great resource on beard fashion.

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