Winter-proof Beauty Tips: Stay Beautiful In Beastly Weather

I have plenty of experience of all types of beauty treatments, as I work as an assistant at, and have picked up many beauty hacks over the years. Here are some cool tips on how to keep yourself looking beautiful and brilliant in the face of harsh winter weather.

Noticed how difficult it’s been to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails these days? No, it’s not just your imagination. Old Man Winter can be brutal that way. When the body is constantly exposed to the cold dry wind, the air behaves like a dehumidifier and causes the moisture on the body to dry up, leaving it brittle and barren. Hair starts to break off resulting in those horrifying split ends, nails chip and crack under the slightest of pressure and skin begins to lose shine and luster. The natural oils that our bodies usually hold throughout the day become depleted under such harsh conditions.

No, the coarse winter weather is not always kind to us. So the only smart thing to do is to arm yourself with the best defenses to help protect your elements from Mother Nature’s elements. Here’s a list of easy at-home beauty regiments you can use to keep you looking and feeling radiant no matter what the season.

Hair: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Shampooing your hair is extremely important because it’s how we get it clean. Shampoo helps to remove all the excess dirt and oils that tend to build up in the hair follicles over time. Remember, how often you wash your hair depends on the type and texture of hair you have. Either way, I recommend Garnier Fructis 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner because it’s great for almost all hair textures; and not only does your hair feel super clean and strong after one use, it also locks in moisture and nullifies tangling. Don’t forget to lather, rinse and repeat.

Grease Lightning

When the hair is nice and clean and it’s all done drying, most people get to this point and think they’re finished. Not hardly. Now it’s time to add a little touch of sheen to your tresses. Try Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. It’s perfect for treating dry, thirsty hair. Apply just a small amount once a week and see a major difference in absolutely no time.

Skin: Face, Hands and Feet

These are the biggest problem areas because they’re the most vulnerable to the cold weather. Lips start to chap in the worst way, hands feel like sandpaper and the heels of your feet always seem to suffer the most. The key is to always keep these areas moisturized, moisturize them on occasion throughout the day. For these issues, I propose using Chapstick. It will always be a true blue for me. Stops chapping and makes your lips feel soft and smooth instantly. In regards to hands and feet, I suggest a daily dose of Curel lotion for its superb moisturizing abilities. This one’s a little on the expensive side, guys, but, hey, you get what you pay for, right?

Holy Guacamole

This is a fun (and messy) way to get that skin glowing and shining once again. It’s a very unique process, I confess, but it’s so simple and it works wonders.

Prepare an avocado. It cannot be sliced in half like an apple so what you have to do is turn the avocado on its side; now going the short way, carefully slice into it with a knife until you make contact with the inner core; keep slicing around the whole circumference of the avocado making two halves. Separate the halves from each other and remove the core. Next, remove the avocados innards with your hands and place them in a bowl (you can use one or both halves, your choice). Next, you wash your body just as you normally would. When that’s complete, apply the raw avocado over every inch of your damp skin. Rinse off the excess layer of avocado and dry off. Sure, it might feel weird covering your body in food, but I guarantee you weeks of beautifully moist skin without a fleck of dry skin in sight.

Fingernails: Tough As Nails

Another dilemma we seem to face in winter weather is the damaging of fingernails. It’s similar to having a case of dishpan hands, only this time the culprit is arid air instead of dishwater. Circumstances like this call for some tender love and care which, thankfully, is why nail polish was invented. Don’t fret! These steps are simple enough so that even you anti-nail-salon types can take precaution against unsightly, weather-beaten fingernails.

First and foremost, clean your nails. Fill a small bowl with warm water and a drop of liquid hand soap; use a fingernail brush to lightly scrub nails clean; soak fingernails in water for a few minutes as you continue brushing; switch hands and repeat. After that, dry off and file nails down, smoothing away any rough or chipped edges, making them straight and even as possible. Now comes the fun part. Paint your nails. Nail polish helps to keep fingernails healthy and prevent breakage. If you rather not apply color, apply a clear base coat, let that dry, apply another clear coat on top and voila, you’re done.

For you colorful kiddies like me, apply a clear base coat first. Let that dry. Then, carefully and smoothly apply one coat of the color nail polish of your choice. Let it dry thoroughly for approximately 30 minutes (don’t cheat). When that coat is done go ahead and apply the last and final clear and shiny top coat to prevent your polish from chipping too soon.

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! Don’t let the crude winter air get the best of your beauty. Use these effective and simple tips and be ready for anything Mother Nature might blow your way.

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