Superdrol All You Need To Know

Prohormones these days come in all kinds. However, only a few of them is as popular as Superdrol. Arguably the most popular of all prohormones, this product is trusted by both bodybuilders and athletes alike.

What is this substance, how is it used, and what can you expect if you use this product? You will discover the answers to those questions and more in this article.

Superdrol is a popular nickname for the prohormone methasterone. It is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) that is popularly used as a designer steroid. The name is actually a brand name of methasterone that was produced as a nutritional supplement by Anabolic Extreme in 2005.

Developed and sold after the massive crackdown on prohormones in 2004, Superdrol has enjoyed massive success on the market. However, methasterone and methyldrostanolone were banned by the FDA in 2006 and was since sold underground. Since 2012, Superdrol has been classified by the FDA as a Category III controlled substance.

So how does Superdrol work? Methasterone is essentially a structural analogue of drostanolone. The addition of one methyl group makes it different from drostanolone, and it endows this substance a highly powerful anabolic effect. Its androgenicity is also reduced compared to other similar anabolic steroids such as Masteron.

Superdrol will greatly increase a persons protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, resulting to improved muscle formation and composition. Not only would it help the user build muscle mass, but it will also help in muscle preservation during calorie-restricted states.

The advantages of using Superdrol are numerous. The supplement encourages the development of lean muscle mass without the water retention associated with other anabolic steroid products. It is a great product to use for those who want to add some muscle mass and get more ripped.

Also, this product can be consumed orally, which makes it easier to use compared to other similar products. Lastly, it is safe for use by the general public. However, one should watch out for some side effects. It has potential estrogenic and androgenic side effects, and it can also cause liver toxicity and hypertension.

Superdrol has earned a reputation as a prohormone that manages to combine efficacy with safety. You can get significant muscle improvements with the help of this product, especially when combined with proper exercise and diet. However, one must watch out for potential side effects, so make sure to use Superdrol with care.

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