Drawbacks To Eyelash Enhancers With Fibres

Until you get used to wearing eyelash enhancers that contain fibers, the lashes will feel quite heavy and even almost sticky; the eyelashes will be so long and thick that they may seem distracting and weird at first as you blink your eyes and go around their day. Its definitely not a conservative go-to-the-office look, and most consumers should probably only use lash enhancers occasionally for evening wear or special events. For everyday use, a decent mascara or mascara/primer combination should be sufficient.

If you wear contacts, dont wear them along with an eyelash enhancer until you can manage to apply it like an expert, without getting any fibers in the eyes (or at least having this be a rare occurrence). While the fibers dont seem irritating and disperse quite readily to the corners of the eyes, where they can be easily washed out, I still wouldnt want to get one caught behind a lens. Contact lens wears should talk to their eye care professional before using eyelash enhancers.

While they are easier to remove than waterproof mascara, eyelash enhancers do take a bit more effort to remove than mascara alone. Expect to use more eye makeup remover than usual; its best to stick with a water-soluble remover, as oil-based removers really make a mess with these products.

Some eyelash enhancers on the market today, like Dream Lash as an example, just vaguely list colourant on the label, instead of a number or name that would indicate exactly what the colour is. Personally, I like to know exactly what ingredients I am placing near my eyes without having a call up a company and ask their customer service department – especially when very often the person you get on the phone does not know either!

As with regular hair enhancing powders such as Toppik, dont ever accidentally breathe in eyelash enhancing fibers; and immediately discontinue use and consult a physician if irritation occurs. As you would with mascara or primer, always discard unused lash fibers about 4 months after opening, or sooner if product alters in any way, including developing an odor.

If you cannot get used to fibre enhancers, consider eyelash extensions. There are several different types of extensions depending on the look you want to achieve. Lash extensions last for around five weeks and are well worth looking into, particularly if you are rushed in the mornings, as there is no need to spend a ton of time doing your makeup!

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